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Learn how a reverse mortgage fits in as part of a client’s comprehensive retirement strategy.

  • Improves cash flow
  • Provides flexibility and freedom
  • Protects against downturns
  • Elevates lifestyle
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Preparing for the Rebound, CFP CE

August 11, 2022

Usage Cases
Pay for grandchildren’s college expenses.

Name: Charlene K.

Age: 72

Home Value: $650,000

Potential Loan Amount: $360,000


A reverse mortgage line of credit withdrawing $40,000 per year for 10 years* while retaining home equity.

To have income tax-free retirement funds.

Name: Martin S.

Age: 62

Home Value: $750,000

Potential Loan Amount: $368,500

Retirement Savings: $1,300,000


A reverse mortgage line of credit on his home to pay the taxes on his Roth conversions, allowing for tax-free growth* and distributions for the rest of his life. His heirs will inherit the Roth income tax-free as well.

To maximize Social Security benefits.

Name: Sarah S.

Age: 66

Home Value: $525,000

Potential Loan Amount: $288,225


A reverse mortgage line-of-credit to supplement her cash flow, allowing her to delay taking Social Security and maximize the benefit.

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Client Opportunity Assessment


Simple questions to help you and your client evaluate if a reverse mortgage may be right for them.

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