Unlock Financial Opportunities in Uncertain Times

This often overlooked source of stability can be the difference between a secure retirement and one burdened with the worry of market volatility.

Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR) gives you research-backed tools that can empower seniors seeking stability in retirement. Hardly a last resort, our robust suite of reverse mortgages can strengthen portfolios at all levels of net worth, offering fully customizable loans up to $4 million.2

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VP, Retirement Strategies

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Retirement Solutions Mgr

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Is Unlocking Home Equity Right for Your Client?

Risk Management

  • Does your client need more protection against long-term care events and/or medical expenses?
  • Does your client have an existing HELOC, or have you recommended a line of credit?

Home Purchasing

  • Is your client considering purchasing a second home or investment property?
  • Does your client need to efficiently own two homes without draining invested assets? (ex. divorce)

Income & Investing

  • Does your client still pay a mortgage?
  • Does your client wanting/needing to retire before their Social Security maximum benefit age?
  • Is your client younger than 72, holding tax-deferred investments, and wanting/needing additional income?
  • Is your client short on paying the tax on a Roth conversion?

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Is your client interested in leaving a living legacy? (ex. charitable donations, trusts, funding grandchildren’s education)

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