Reverse Mortgage Education and Retirement Solutions for Financial Planners

As a cornerstone educational partner of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the first reverse lender on Morningstar’s Advisor Workstation, the Retirement Strategies Division at Finance of America Reverse LLC (FAR) empowers financial professionals with knowledge and innovative tools for optimizing client retirement outcomes.

Learn how we’re helping more advisors and wealth managers than ever strategically leverage housing wealth as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

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Reverse in Action

Improve Cash Flow

Joyce and Jim refinanced their existing mortgage with a new reverse mortgage and eliminated their current mortgage payment.


Age: 71 and 72

Home Value: $2,800,000

Potential Loan Amount: $1,528,000

Paid Off Mortgage Balance: ($1,100,000)

Remaining Cash Available: $414,800

Current Monthly Mortgage Payment: $6,808

Monthly Cash Flow Improvement: $6,608

Purchasing a Second Home

Linda and Steve live in Oregon and have $250,000 remaining on their mortgage. They would like to purchase a second home in Texas to be closer to family without selling their current one. They have $3,000,000 in investment accounts but would rather avoid selling and paying capital gains.


Age: 64 and 65

Home Value: $1,200,000

Potential Loan Amount: $592,000

Paid Off Mortgage Balance: ($250,000)

Remaining Cash Available: $336,800

Long Term Care

Emily does not have a long-term care solution and is looking to purchase life insurance with an LTC rider, but the premium is $9,000/year. As an alternative, Emily decides to put a reverse mortgage line of credit on her home to self-fund her needs and avoid a high insurance premium.


Age: 62

Home Value: $450,000

Paid Off Mortgage Balance: $0

Potential Line of Credit: $220,300

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Discover all the ways home equity can be a strategic piece in solving the retirement puzzle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions to help clients better understand the option of a reverse mortgage:

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